Al Jazeera English

AlJazeera English is the most watched non biased arab station in the world, and amoungst the news scene, it presents the most balanced view compared to the likes of cnn and other so called balanced stations such as bbc which clearly show an agenda presented by there government. Al Jazeera English Stream is an English version of the Arabic-language news network. Breaking news and features plus background material including profiles and global reactions. Watch AlJazeera English Live Online With our Stream, Great Muslim TV Channel! 24 hour World Wide News Network broadcasting from Kualalumpur - Malaysia, Doha - Qatar, London - UK and Washington DC - USA.

Aljazeera english is an international 24 hour news channel covering current affairs, head quartered in Doha, Qatar. The station means, the island, and is owned by the state of Qatar, The english variation of the channel is a sister broadcaster of the popular arabic channel. Al jazeera has since expanded into a network with several outlets in multiple languages. Al jaziras channel was willing to broadcast dissenting views, creating controversies in the arab states. The station gained attention throughout the war in Afghanistan and it's live coverage from it's offices in Afghanistan. The station was praised by the index on censorship for contributing to the free exchange of information in the arab world. The coverage of the Egyptian uprisings were more superior than other news outlets, gaining praise from hillary clinton and other american government administrators.

It has been a number one source for an alternative news view throughout the world, especially during conflicts affecting the arab muslim world.

Aljazeera Live online has been one of the fastest growing online free tv streams on the internet. The streams consist of AlJazeera Sport, Al Jazeera English and Al Jazeera Mubasher. During the arab spring Al Jazeera live had a massive role to play in bringing the news of the uprisings both to the west but also within the middle east where these uprisings were taking place. Aljazeera Live has really been part of a revolution, one that has not been seen in the middle east for centuries. Taking out dictators and bringing in new vibrant democracies, aljazeera has broadcast where other western stations have been unable to. This is testament to the abilities of the channel, but also the locally specialised knowledge that they have, including contacts which cannot be matched by western live news channels.